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Last week I came home to part of 4th Street being blocked off for an event that the mosque was having. I may have received a postcard about it. Since the whole of of the 1500 block of 4th St was blocked off, and it is an alternative route to get to New Jersey Ave, rather than R, which has a light, I wondered if DDOT had anything about the road closure on their site.

Sorta yes. There is the Public Space Permit Lookup Tool. I played around with it, and discovered old permits (just serveral months) for moving trucks, trash trailers, Pepco and Washington Gas work, and block parties. This information doesn't appear to be captured by Everyblock, but I could be wrong (i just don't see it).

I was curious about if there was a permit or any notice because long time ago, churches and at least one individual would close off streets for events without notice. Notice being those red and white placards. When I first moved to the TC there was a transgendered person who would block off part of the 1700 block of 4th St. She'd block it off with her van on a Saturday and blast music. I called 311 or 911 to see if she had a valid permit. The dispatcher was very unhelpful. Apparently it was an annual thing that she eventually stopped doing. And there is UHOP, which didn't always co-ordinate with the city for its big annual parade.

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