Date Night Gone Rogue

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Rogue 24
922 N Street NW (Rear),
Washington, DC 20001
Bus- None, walked/drove
Cost (with tip) = $240

Yes, $240 does look awfully cheap for two people at Rogue. They are still running a "Restaurant Week" type deal until Sept 1st, where the 16 course Progression w/ beverage is $100 and the 24 course Journey is $140. I hear tell the 16 course option is going away soon.

When I visited them last year it cost me, by myself, around $200. Because of that price point, I decided that I should not visit with my spouse, the Help, because it would have been a total waste on him. I didn't give Mr. 'I Love Diner Food' enough credit. He also made the reservation.

We had a wonderful time. For the beverage pairings I had the alcoholic drinks and he, as the permanent designated driver, had the non-alcoholic pairing. His drinks tasted delicious. I know because he allowed me to sample his. I was most impressed by his virgin gin and tonic with juniper berries and thyme in the glass over big cubes of ice. And the food of course was interesting. I liked that this trip we got instructions on how to eat what was presented to us. The Help really liked the big surgical tongs for the first course. The plate with snails was my favorite, so much so I wanted to lick the plate. But I didn't.

Strangely, at the end of 16 small bite courses, I was full. Not Cheesecake Factory bursting, but satisfied. Which considering how small the dishes are, is odd. I hope to come here again, after many many pennies have been saved up again, or unless another discount deal is offered. 

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