Date Night @ Big Bear

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Big Bear Cafe
1700 1st St. NW
Washington, DC 20001
Bus- None, walked.
Cost (with tip) = $72

I've been debating if I should post anything because of something that was my fault. But I'll explain when I get to it. It wasn't so much a date night as it was a "I don't want to cook. Hey let's check out Big Bear" night. So we walked over to Big Bear one weekday afternoon at around 6 something for dinner service.

During the other times I pretty much know what to do. Go to counter, order, and grab a table. We weren't sure. So we sat ourselves down. After a little bit, I got up and went to the counter and grabbed some dinner menus. Then I was told someone would be with us. After that service was pretty good.

I was impressed with the use of weeds. As some of you know I love purslane. Love it, love it, love it. So I ordered the salad of purslane with figs. It was absolutely wonderful. I don't remember what exactly the meat entrée the Help ordered was, but it featured lamb's quarters. Also this cooked weed was very delicious.

My problem was with my entrée. About 80% of it was perfect, it would have been more perfect if I had just sent it back. But I didn't send it back, which is my fault. Since I ate most of the dish which was very good, execpt for that one little problem, and since the Help was mostly done with his meal, I didn't send it back. I don't think that should really count against Big Bear, since you can't fix what you don't know is wrong.

The dessert was ... I don't remember. It was chocolate something. We shared. 

All in all the whole thing cost $72 with only one of us drinking a glass of wine and tip. At that price it won't replace Beau Thai anytime soon as our "I don't feel like cooking" place. It's slightly more of a special occasion place where you don't have to dress up.

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