A little canning

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Small canned tomatoes
For the past couple of weeks I've been canning tomatoes and I swear it used to be easier. I've been pressure canning them, thinking it would be quicker, but nah.
Before the tomatoes, there were the cherries, frozen cherries, defrosted then canned to make room in the freezer for peaches and blackberries. Before that, I tried my hand at blackcurrant juice with the idea that I'll add the juice to some seltzer and have a nice drink.
I look at my stash of canned by me items and think that I need to get more savory items in the mix besides tomatoes. I need to clear up the freezer. Need to get rid of all those chicken bones I've been saving for stock and actually make some stock. It's warm still so it would be crock pot stock.
But after a few weeks of having tomato pulp stuck under my fingernails and wiping tomato off the kitchen wall, I wondered if all that work is worth it.
I went to Shoppers and bought a bunch of cans of tomato stuff (diced, sauced, whole). For the organic stuff what I got in the tin can cost more than the box of 'seconds' I managed to put in a glass jar. Canning is time consuming, but being able to control what goes into that can is worth it for now.

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