Would starting a pool about Gray be legal?

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I'm just wondering.
'Cause I'm thinking he might just make it to November, maybe Thanksgiving. I'm willing to put down a veggie burrito bowl's worth to cover that bet.
I know you can't bet on elections. But what about indictments and resignations?
Also this is not about Gray as a person. His apologists say he's a great guy, too loyal to his friends and supporters, blah, de blah, blah, blah. Whatever. I smell blood. I've already lost a councilman to corruption, I never really like Brown that much, so if we lose Gray, no biggie.
Note the word, 'if'. Who knows Marion Barry may lend some of his magic legal teflon to the mayor. Also, the feds might not have enough, as I thought what they got Kwame Brown on was kinda weak on its own. Maybe the speeding corruption train may derail and flip over in a fireball of destruction, just stopping short of Gray.

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