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I don't have a lot but I'm thinking of selling off half of my Pepco stock. It will help pay off the water related repairs in the basement. Also Pepco is making every other regional power company look good and competent.

DC Water is not a company, but an agency. For the folks in Bloomingdale and Le Droit area there is a survey (I gather created by or at least endorsed by DC Water) to help describe the damage you may have had.

DC Water's plan (PDF) for Bloomingdale has something in it that is concerning to me. Under "What DC Water is Exploring", 1.a, is the call for regulation to "Require backflow preventers to be installed in new properties or at turnover." Not too many new properties where there is a lot of 100 year old housing stock. Also 'turnover', what does that mean? Does that mean when an owner wants to sell their house they'll have to install a backflow preventer? Who will the burden fall to?

This has been a bad month for utilities, with the storm and the rain. Please, please, please Washington Gas don't let anything go wrong with you.

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