Tuesday Misc.

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Hole in Wall Reflection 

Facelifts for some ugly places- North Capitol Main Streets, Inc. will be helping three businesses in the Truxton/Bloomingdale area with improved facades. City Cleaners at 84 Rhode Island Ave NW, already has cuteness going for it with the bicycle display in front. Sunset Liquors at 1st and Florida and Capitol Food Market (1634 N Cap St) could really, really, really, really, seriously really, use some sort of make over. Really.

Give up your parking for AIDS- The (Blagden) Alley Denizen and the people of the MVSNA Yahoo Group have noticed that Convention Center activites (now it is the International AIDS Conference) are pushing into the residential area and taking away parking. The Denizen recognizes that this is setting a bad precident for those with residential parking. Well now that Back Alley Waffles has closed, maybe there is one more parking spot.

Dig the knife in deeper- I didn't go into work Friday because we were up most of Thursday night dealing with the wet basement. Because I missed work, I apparently missed the world's best blackberry peach crumb. I have a co-worker who brings baked goods into the office. Cookies, muffins, brownies and they are thankfully received. But Friday's creation was apparently so darned good that the other people in the office and people from nearby offices were raving about it on Monday. They've never raved about her baking like this before... stupid basement.

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