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Alley separating 100 and 200 of Q St NW
Credit: Mari Inshaw-M Maxwell

 There was a BACA meeting last night. I don't have my notes. But check the BACA (Bates Area Civic Association) blog, because Geovani said he'd put all sorts of things on it, like the voluntary argreement deal with Sunset Liquors and nomination committee info and such. Flower Power winners were announced. Some of those winners got gift certificates to DC buisnesses. Some of the winners were there.

I was at the BACA meeting to announce some progress of Truxton after nearing the 30 day mark of the grant period. I realize I might have been too wordy and mubbly and not clear. Below I will try to be clear:

  • Do you live in Truxton Circle/ Bates/ Hanover (btwn N. Cap, NJ, NY, RI, and Fl Aves)?
  • Are you curious about who lived on your block or at your address before you?
  • Can you open an Excel file?

If you answered yes to the above go to 

  • Find your block or square, click the highlighted text for your square 
  • On the page for your square click the highlighted text for an Excel file
  • Download the file
  • Open the file in MS Excel

Each year has a tab or sheet. Some blocks have tabs for 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930. Use the filter or use a search function to find your street. The files will let you know the name, age, race, occupation and homeownership status of the people who lived on the block before you.

If you cannot find your street or your street is completely missing after 1900, contact me. 

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