The destructive power of DPW

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Maybe it is age. But I have had my recycle bin since 2005 and for the past seven years it has held up pretty well and remained fairly clean. But this year.... I don't know if it is the age of the can or the rough handling of the sanitation men or a combo of both, but our can lids are getting destroyed.

The first crack in the lid occured earlier this year. We fixed it up with some duct tape and the Gorilla Glue tape. Then yesterday I noticed my neighbor's, well several of my neighbors' recycle can lids sporting small and not so small cracks. And I had a new crack with a hole in my lid. I can see where this can lead, a lid made of nothing but tape and epoxy.

Of course the larger trash bins had trouble long before. There are many a trash can in DC with missing lids, torn lids, mangled lids and what not. Then there is (or was) the habit of the wheeled trash bins to go missing. I once returned, because it was marked with a full address, a trash can that was 2 or three blocks away from it's home. Anyway, some people just replaced their DPW provided trash cans with Rubbermaid ones.

I could pay $45 bucks for a new can, but I don't like the idea of just paying and waiting for an unmarked can to show up on any given day. Too many of my neighbors have unmarked cans, I can see how even if the can is placed in front of my house, it can get swiped, by mistake.

Also those guys with the trash trucks (really what's the difference btwn the trash and recycle pickup?) seem to like to whack the top of the cap on the truck. I understand the why. It is to get the stuff, stuck on the bottom to come out. But by doing so they also mess up the lids. Okay, really all I need is a new lid.

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