Sometimes Homeownership Sucks

We were pulling out of a Maryland Home Depot (not the world's worst HD on RI Ave) when I pointed to the apartments across the street and said, that if we lived there we'd be spending our money on fabulous vacations instead of fixing the house, again.
Maybe it how we're doing home ownership. We keep losing money because the damned house keeps eating it. If we didn't have a cellar/basement, we wouldn't have our little expensive problem, But then again, I do like having the storage space. And provided everything is in a plastic bin or a foot off the floor, it's all good.
As much as I love being a homeowner, it has it's challenges. The past couple of weeks have been challenging, and to address the problem it's gonna get expensive. It's times like this when I think that putting economically strapped people in homes is foolish. Homeownership is a great way to build wealth, provided you have enough "wealth" to deal with crap that happens to a home. Or not have the wealth and do like my parents and slap a band-aid on it, slowly creating a home unfit for human habitation.
Yeah, it's how we're doing home ownership. Addressing problems several thousand borrowed dollars at a time.

Addition- My problem is only slightly related to those experiencing flooding in Bloomingdale. A rising water table and I have problems. 11 years ago, I and my basement owning neighbors experienced the flood of August (I think) 2001. Then, like now, I got a damaged carpet. Unlike then, I think I'm the only one suffering on my street. Also unlike then, I'm not bothering with DC Water. 11 years ago my neighbors and I went over to Blue Plains to get our grievances addressed. What we got was time wasted and insults from some jerk with an African accent. We filled out forms and got jack shyte in return. The Red Cross was helpful and my insurance company was really proactive. They sent out an inspector and cut me a check with little muss or fuss.
My advice to Bloomingdale people is not to expect DC Water or DC government to address this anytime soon, since they were yapping about fixing the dual runoff issue back in 2001. But do try to hold the parties responsible, responsible. Ask how the McMillian project impact this issue, if at all. Also with that plan to address runoff, where are they with that? Still in the study phase?



Sorry to hear you feel this way. Ten years is a long time in the history of an agency, and we have an entirely different management team here now. In fact, just today, we released our draft plan to address the flooding situation in Bloomingdale until our long-term solution goes into effect in 2025.

Please feel free to contact us if we can be of further assistance.

DC Water
Office of External Affairs

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