Smoke gets in your eyes

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A few nights ago, on a day I had the most wonderful nap, I went to bed late. The Help was already dead asleep. When I opened the door of the bedroom I could detect a slight smell of cigarette smoke.
Neither of us smoke. If you want to get the Help in a angry lather, get him on the topic of smoking. Both of his parents smoked like chimneys when he was growing up and last year his father died of lung cancer. I, just don't like the smell. So there would be no reason to  think there would be smoke smells in our house.
I looked out the window and about a couple of houses down there were a few people talking on the sidewalk. I could not see if they were smoking because it was dark and I could only see a bit of them. They, based on their voices, were probably visiting someone one door down from where they standing.
Our windows are old and crappy. A neighbor referred to them as "section 8" windows. Cheap low quality things that need to be replaced. They aren't that great at keeping noise out (hello white noise machine and box fan) and now I smell that they aren't good with smoke either.

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yup..thats why I got my windows changed. I would hear phone conversations, traffic noise, and more. If you ever decide to do it, I have some recommendations

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