Sometimes schadenfreude is the only consolation.

Today my goal will be trying to figure out why there hasn't been a stop work order issued for 1622 4th St NW.


We spent all of last night and the wee hours of today bailing out our basement with wet vacs. I am sore, sleepy, and pissed off.

1622 4th Street NW is a few houses away from mine, which is why I haven't been proactive with the stupid crap that demolition and make work like project that had been going on there. If I lived next to it, I would have blown a gasket over the dust, dirt, and endangerment to adjoining structures a few weeks ago. But I don't live next to it, I live down hill from it.

Water flows downhill. Ours is the first with an underground structure on our row. So when the idiots working on 1622 dug a trench for a foundation for an addition and left it uncovered, last night's rain poured into our house. Not just a little bit, but gallons upon gallons. Sump pump took care of some, wet vacs did the rest. I now have a better understanding how irrigation trenches work.

This morning our contractor came out and took a look at our damage. Then he looked over at 1622 too. He saw the trench which was still filled with water, and mentioned the portion running one way did divert water our way. He also noticed the huge pallet of concrete bags, which are now set concrete. That is my only consolation.


That is just terrible. I'm so sorry! The life of a row house is maddening.

Get a good lawyer and take them to the cleaners!

I'm so sorry to read your basement flooded. :-(

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