Post-Blackout Review

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Well, I've got back my Internet. Which we didn't have because when the power got knocked out it seemed to take some land line phones with it. No land line, apparently, no internet for us. We lost power before the storm and the blackout lasted 12 hours at most. So after we got our power back and took nice warm showers we did a little review. The Help thought it would be good to share:
What went right
First we wanted to see what went well under the circumstances.
  • We had flashlights, enough to even lend to a neighbor
  • We knew where the flashlights were
  • Our cell phones were charged
  • Not too many things in the fridge to go bad (uncooked veggies, no leftovers)
  • Full freezers (full freezer ok for 24 hours)
  • Gas cook top
  • Cool and sorta clean cellar to sleep in. Temp in basement was 73F.
  • Mattress top to take down to cellar and sleep on
  • Stupid Tree of Heaven in alley did not fall on anyone's house
  • Car gas tank 1/2 full
  • It didn't rain that much
  • Wet/dry vac (when electricity came back on) to suck up water that seeped in to cellar
What could have been better?
  • Portable battery pack for a fan and sump pump
  • Portable wind-up radio
What do we need to do/get for the next outage (these things happen 1x a year)?
  • Get a portable battery pack and radio
  • Battery back up for sump pump
  • Better wet dry vac (or get some attachments for the one we have)
  • Get an air mattress. Mattress top left me achy in the morning.
  • More matches
  • Improve our list for emergency contacts with cell and land lines

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