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1880-1930 Census is up- Go find your TC block, unless you're on square 501E or 521. It seems 1930 and 1910 are the years for blocks to go missing. Data exists. For some blocks where there were years missing because no one lived there (as far as the US government and whoever was wandering the streets enumerating were concerned), I put what I had up. Also as soon as I put something up I notice something wrong. On square 507, which is bounded by Florida, Rhode Island, 4th, R and New Jersey, all the roads except Florida are missing. Also another thing I noticed, and why it took so long, MS Excel hates macs, if you want to copy and paste. I switched over to the Help's clunker of a PC and doing it on one of the world's slowest computers is way faster. Anyway, if you, my fellow Truxton Circle resident find large swathes of streets missing (seriously after 1900 almost every block- every street, that is populated now, was populated then) contact me @ mari at inshaw dot com.

Something about Shaw banners- At the SMD ANC 2C meeting, July 11th, at the Shaw Library, there is a proposal, or at least a request for support to get some banners up and down 7th and 9th St. I wonder if, for 9th St, this may lead to sign overload with the historic Shaw signs and what not.

Free Fringe Festival Preview, Friday- It's Friday, Friday, Friday. And still scheduled to be hot (sorry memories of last year of the sweat trailing down my back remain). Location is 607 New York Ave NW, Fort Fringe, Tent. Time- Friday July 6th at 8pm.

banished?productions- Friends of the blog banished?, have a new production/experience called The Circle , as part of the Fringe Festival. No food, this is about sound.

DC Bocce Ball- I don't know nothin' about no bocce. But I got a flier and I'm in a charitable mood. Scanning, I see something about registration closing on Friday 9th and $65 registration fee. If interested visit .

Kitchen Sink-Georgetown in the 1950s, by the Alter Ego.

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