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Walker Hours

Eckington lost power yesterday. Will we have to fear each little rain drop this Summer? Pepco is so dissappointing.

And Bloomingdale got flooded, again.

We got some water in the basement. Not a lot. Just enought to make me check the sump pump. The sump pump is a little slow so we're going to replace it. A neighbor in the construction biz who knows about drainage, suggested a pump that is more aggressive at pumping out the water to relieve the pressure from the walls and draw the water to the pump, rather than the carpet. So I engaged in some manual manipulation and everything was right as rain.

Lastly, and this is more a note to myself, I need to report the tree at Rhode Island and New Jersey at the G8 stop. It's big and green uptop but rotten at the base. I could imagine it deciding to fall down and clobber rush hour cars one day.

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