Lazy Garden Report

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Purslane avocado & sardine salad
This is stinky salad. I call it that because of the sardines and the extra helping of garlic in the dressing. The salad greens for it are purslane leaves from the garden. The sad garden that is sorta on it's own. I do try to remember to water it. But then I remember it is very hot outside and stay in.

The turnips, the arugula, the purslane, the parsley and some tomatoes reseeded themselves without much help from me. I let the arugula and turnip plants go to seed, or ignored them, whichever point of view you want to take, and chopped them down when they got tall and the yard started looking too weedy for my tastes. When I knocked them down, I did try to make sure their seed fell in particular spots. Purslane is a weed, I did nothing and it popped up on it's own.

This week I made the purslane salad you see there. I loved it, with the crunch the leaves give. I also thinned out the turnips by picking the greens and giving a nice big grocery bag of them to my aunt who is crazy about turnip greens. I also thinned out the arugula by wilting them in a pan for dinner. The arugula is no longer 'baby', at this point they are teenagers or young adult, sort of mature arugula. When I first sauted some I left the plant (oh yes, I pull out the whole plant by the root) together. But the older the plant the tougher the stems. Also I think I've thinned out the arugula enough by now.

Tomatoes right now, have flowers, but no fruit. My cucumber plant looks like it wants to die. The beans are doing nothing. The eggplant is not dying. The herbs are doing fine. That's the garden report.

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