Labor saving dryer

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Because of last week's regionwide experiment with not having electricity on of my co-workers dragged out the Lehman's catalog for non-electric devices after having to make coffee with a hammer. Her coffee grinder is electrical. And someone in Bloomingdale had suggestions of reducing the block's electrical load, all which got me thinking, particularly with the not using the dryer thing.

The dryer, the washer, and the dishwasher are wonderful labor saving devices, but they also use a good amount of juice, particularly the dryer. When I was growing up in Florida we had a clothes line and once a week or more my mother would drag heavy wet clothes out of the house and hang and secure them on the line. This is more work than I do, of throwing the clothes about a foot from the washer to the dryer. This takes about 5 minutes, with less bending that my mother did. Now most of the work is dragging the clothes from the upper floor downstairs, folding and sorting, and dragging them back up.

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