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Musicians in the house

Powerful Art- Because we got power back on our block, our neighborly art show went on as scheduled. We have three artists (with nonarty day jobs) and a pair of musicians (pictured) all on one block. That's enough for an art show. Another neighbor submitted photographs and showed an artsy film on a blank wall. The music was transmitted from a back room to several little transitor radios throughout the house. If we had a little battery operated radio we could take it with us as we looked at the art that was in every room (incl bathrooms) of the house.

A little battery operated radio would have been nice for the blackout too. I kept up with what was going on by going on the web with the smartphone. But I would have preferred something that would have kept me informed without using my phone's battery power.

Please think of the dogs- For the love of whatever you hold dear, please, please, please don't leave your pets in your car even with the windows half down. The Help went to church Sunday in Maryland and afterwards went to the nearby Best Buy. There in the parking lot he observed a dog in a car. He stayed by the car and gave the dog some water from his own water bottle, placing the wide cap upside down and letting the animal drink. When the female owner returned she was apologetic and explained she had no power and was staying with a relative. Still a car gets horribly hot even with all the windows way down. The Help learned this when he was cleaning the inside of our car with a door open and all the windows down, he was sweating like a pig.

Be cool- It's gonna be hot. So stay cool. Go to work (the Dept of Fight Club is downright frigid), or crash at a friend or relative's place. If you belong to a faith based institution, check and see if they a) have power and b) are letting members cool off there. The Help's church has a building that is a large flexible space (no fixed pews) and have opened it to members to sleep or recharge. There are some DC churches that have volunteered to be cooling stations for nonmembers. They are New Bethel Baptist Church at 1739 Ninth Street NW; Trinity Lutheran Church 501 4th Street NW; and Capitol Hill United Methodist Church 421 Seward Square SE. Many libraries that have power are also decent cooling stations, anyway, DC.Gov has a map of cooling stations here.

Tree down

If you have power, check in on friends and if they don't, offer up your place to crash or just to cool off or power up cellphones. Or if you have space in your fridge or freezer, offer to keep some perishables. Our plan if the power did not come on after a certain amount of time, was to cart our little freezer over to someone else's house and plug it in there. Good thing our power did come on, because all the someone elses lost power.

Report downed trees.

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