Did you just have a green mongoose bike stolen?

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It was last seen going west on R St NW.
I called the cops.
I was walking home when I saw a guy riding a bike on the sidewalk, while carrying the front of a one wheeled green bike. This green bike, from where I stood, looked an awful lot like my bike, which also only has the back tire on it.
There is construction going on in the house and in the past, some of the crew was a little careless with the security of the house. But that was in the past and there has been a conversation since then. But there was still the remote possibility that thieves could have stolen my bike.
So I stopped the guy. It went a little like this:
Me: Hold up there. [grabbing handlebars of green bike]
Guy: You okay? [you know I think it helps to look mentally unstable, 'cause my hair is a mess]
Me: This looks alot like my bike.,,,,,
Guy: (honestly I forgot)
Me: (forgot)
Guy: Well it's not your bike then.
Me: Okay.
end scene
About ten steps later, I have a three minute conversation with 911 dispatch to report the guy. I hate calling dispatch.
So if your bike was stolen. I am sorry. It looked like you didn't lock it properly either. He was carrying a big ulock. He was a black male, probably early-mid 30s, not fat but muscle with a layer of fat, darkish brown, wearing a white tee shirt, black hair brushed forward, heading west on R St. He was riding a shiny black bike. I don't remember what model, I was focused on the green bike. He had a buddy in the bike lane on R. All I remember is, that he was another black guy past his 20s.

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