Dammit, Jim

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Well one of my favorite bloggers and human beings is moving away, Jimbo. Jim and I met on-line and then got together in person sometime in the early '00s and I'm going to miss his being and enlightening me about parts and people of the city that I don't encounter.

Jim has been hankering to move to a place where the men wear beards and the culture is different. And so, he's taking a leap, and I wish him the best.

Anyway, y'all should check out his 11 part series (starting in VA and ending in LeDroit Park) on all the places he has lived in and around DC for the past 16 years. I showed up in the DC Metro area a year before, but have lived in a fewer number of places. Mainly because I have books, lots of books, which are a bitch to move.

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I got rid of a tremendous amount of books. I think you're right - the biggest barrier to moving is books. They're so absolutely heavy.

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