1622 4th ST NW DC- Schadenfreude II

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Stop work order

OK. Now I'm happy.
Of course, it took two weeks of other neighbors complaining before this lovely sticker showed up. Too bad a lot of damage was done within that 2 weeks.
I'm going to write out the whole address, 1622 4th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001 because I know from looking at my web stats that people do searches on addresses. So if the goal is to flip this house, I'd like potential buyers (should they bother to search on line) to be aware of this chapter in the property's history.
Who knows maybe the current owner will not cut corners after he finishes paying the fine and submitting new plans. And maybe the people to occupy the house next will get something decently made, and not something cheaply thrown together without care. My future neighbors deserve better.
I want to thank Tim Clark in Kenyon McDuffie's office and the people at DCRA for making the start of my weekend a pleasant one.

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