When construction strikes

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There is a challenge when living in an attached townhouse when the neighboring house starts undergoing major construction. Major, meaning walls go down, new walls go up, lots of brick and earth moving around. I hope that when I had our house renovated, B & IT weren't too inconvenienced. We had open lines of communication and I wasn't too far while it was going on.

A year after my big renovation, the house next door to mine underwent some major renovation, tearing down a section of the house and rebuilding. There were some problems. Luckily I had the phone number of the guy in charge and he did answer the phone. He attempted to fix the minor flood that came through the ceiling, and would eventually put back the cover of a vent his guys kept kicking off my kitchen roof before it rained,

So I can only imagine the trouble when a neighboring house starts having major work done and the people in charge haven't said boo to the people sharing party walls. This is the case near me. The people doing the construction have made a few safety errors and that has been concerning. I could smell gas from my front stoop. That kind of safety concern.

When I had my work done, my contractor made an effort to be on good terms with B & IT (well he at least waved hi), explaining that unhappy neighbors are more likely to call you on shortcomings in the permits and report every little thing to DCRA.
The project has been reported, but we'll see what DCRA does, or doesn't do.

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