Wet basement weekend

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Small flooding in basement

Last night I noticed a bit of wetness on the carpet in the basement. So we threw down some newspapers, turned up the dehumidifier, and set a fan blowing on the wetness. This morning I discovered that the wetness had gotten bigger.
Compared to other problems I've had before in this basement, this isn't so bad. I asked the Help what he and his co-workers did when their basement level library encountered a flood. They used a wet dry vac (I'll whip that out later) heaters, and fans. When I worked at a tiny archive in flood prone Old Town Alexandria we used newspapers and fans. I also have to remember to keep the lights on to also resist mold.
The spot is where the old sump pump sat. The new spot is fairly dry on the floor level (inside it's wet and working).
Though we're still building shelves, I didn't have too much on the floor that would absorb water. Most things were in plastic bins. We also had a number of empty cardboard boxes, which I'll break down and toss out.
Considering that some roads and a metro station in DC got serious flooding, I don't think my little basement issue is that bad.

Follow-up- With one box fan, the dehumidfier, and the handi-dandy wet/dry vac this was dried up by the end of the day. However I did notice a stain in one section. I am wondering if this has happened before and I/we just never noticed it before. The only reason why I discovered the water was I was looking for something in the basement, in that spot. I sprayed a test spot on the stained area with some Tilex (this is plastic/man made carpet), then wiped it down with some lavender castile soap.

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