Truxton Circle Project- some draft data

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This is probably of interest to the few people who live in Truxton, and the even fewer people who live on Hanover, the 1300 block of North Capitol, the even 1300 block of 1st and the unit blocks of N and O. Basically Square 617.

Some of your data is up. Just 1880-1920. And only a draft so I can see the mistakes. I already see an error. There are no 39,000 year old people in 1900. It's a baby, whose birthdate number that got turned into a date format and back to a number. A large number.

Instead of waiting to put out perfect data, I put out a draft version first. I like to see what problems and challenges I'm incurring when I attempt to put the data up. I wanted to start with the Hanover area, just to make sure I got the area of Truxton Circle I am the least familiar with up there. The MS Excel file that is available now has real data, but it is lacking and not the last version of the data used. I moved that from Excel to Access and so I'll have to figure out which Access file is the last version where all the corrections had been made.

I meant to do Square 618. But my mac decided it didn't like Microsoft anything that evening while I was working on that. Which is also my reason for not having 1930 included in the data I did put up.

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