The road to insanity- home repair

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steeple damage

The slow road to insanity is sitting down with your partner and making a detailed list of all the little repairs and fixes and crap your house needs and thinking with the time and money you have in one year is going to address it.

Hi kids, welcome to homeownership.

Why yes, we just did our basement. However that does not address the cracking stucco and the gutter that is a little off (and needs to be cleaned out anyway). The lights in the kitchen dim a bit whenever the fridge cycles on. I've been staying sane by ignoring the repairs the whole house needs in bits. I'm aware but you know if the slap dash ceiling repair doesn't get sanded down and painted, we'll live.

So I'd go easy on the church at 6th and P with the messed up steeple. But they should fix that before the pidgeons get comfy and rain damages the rest of the structure.

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