The late May Garden Post

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Yeah, I know it is now June 1st.

 Baby arugula

This bowl was lunch. Or part of lunch. This is some baby arugula from the yard, which I mixed with some store bought romaine for a salad. I see my favorite edible weed purslane is coming in and will soon grace future salads.

Yesterday I decided to spend some quality time with my semi-neglected garden. Plant some seeds, put some dirt in some of the pots, pull out weeds, and harvest a few things. I have a lavender plant and decided to make a bouquet of the flowers to make the dining area pretty and have something nice to smell. I also ripped up a lot of mint. Some of it was washed and dried for tea. The mint is an aggressive weed, so don't do what I did and put it in the ground. That is unless you like it taking over portions of your yard and your walkways.

I've got about 3 or 4 pots with culinary thyme in them. I use a lot of thyme. Thyme in soups and stocks and meat dishes, thyme everywhere. It's all out in the back where they are closest to the kitchen. Fresh thyme is wonderful.

I'm very glad I put a lot of work in years ago, so I can be lax now. The arugula self seeded. So did the turnips. The thyme doesn't ask for much. The mint will do what it wants.

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