The Invulnerable Date Night

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Theater J
webpage for History of Invulnerability
1529 16th Street NW
Bus- G2
Cost for 2 (with fees)- $96.50

Tortilla Coast 
1460 P Street NW
Bus- G2
Cost (drinks plus tip)-$64

See that cost? That's why we don't go out much. Good gravy, imagine if we had kids? We'd have to include the cost of a babysitter in that.

Anyway, the past several date nights have been sitting on the couch with Netflix, shouting at the screen. This time the Help, planned date night and bought tickets to see something he really wanted to see, The History of Invulnerability, live theater over at the JCC, on the Logan Circle border. The Help is a huge comic book fan, who knows his comic book history and so he had a grand old time, remarking that our friends NEED to see this. He was very pleased to hear a reference to Larry Nevin's "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex" essay. During my late teens and 20s I was really into comics, so I enjoyed the play as well. I also appreciated the story of Superman co-creater Jerry Siegel and his struggles. After the play, because the bus back home was going to be another 20 minutes, we visited the gallery featuring "Confessional Comics by Jewish Women." So all in all a very good time was had.

Before getting to the theater, we went to get a bite at Tortilla Coast. We got an app of guacamole which impressed me with the huge chunks of avacado. The other dishes were fine. The main thing was to eat and get to the theater in less than an hour.

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