Stop the UHOP/Reatig machine!

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Washington City Paper's Lydia DePillis has a post up about the United House of Prayer showing up at a pre-bid session for those interested in Parcel 42, which is along Rhode Island Avenue and 7th. UHOP has a huge hold on that block already and most of their buildings are Suzane Reatig designed. 

Let me start the rant now. Oh good lord no. As a real estate body I have no major problem with UHOP, except for their thing about always using one particular architectural firm. Oh maybe not letting one body own half the block might not be so great either, but Douglas Jemal does it all the time.

Speaking of Dougie, I'm happy Douglas Development got a tenant for the Wonderbread building. But I'm hoping a restauranteur would sign on the dotted line at some point. Office furniture solutions is fine, but me like food.

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