Sq. 618 and Other Truxton Circle History Stuff

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This weekend, I tried getting Square 618 up at TruxtonCircle.org. I had a small problem with 1920 and thought I could fix it last night. Nope. Maybe tonight. I'll also see about fixing Square 617 too.So for 618, I put up 1880-1910 and what looks to be only part of 1930, because I am sure I have the people who lived on the 1200 block of 1st Street NW and New York Avenue. Actually I know, because the data existed for me to create the map you see. I'll fix that too.

For those of you new to the blog, hello and welcome to my chronicles of trying to get an evidence based neighborhood history up. The evidence in this case is the United States Census, you might have heard of it. I also use the Sanborn fire maps and some other real estate maps, so I can draw in schools, and churches and whatnot. The opposite of gathering evidence to teach the history of an is to just make stuff up, which is what some historians have done in the past. I hope if I can make this evidence thing work, maybe others might do the same for their DC neighborhoods.

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