Some guy died in my house

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Not recently.

In 1882.

He went to work, got the chills, was sent home, and died an hour later.

He was in the house during the 1880 census. In 1880 he was a 50 year old Irish immigrant and cop. At that time he had a wife (also from Ireland) and two kids living with him, a 12 year old daughter and a 19 year old son. 

I discovered this playing with Proquest trying to find something to relate to what I wrote below. Comparatively, the dead guy doesn't bother me.:

History close enough to bite

I have an interest in the previous residents of my house up until the year of my birth. Any residents who rented here in the late 70s, the 80s or 90s I have a wary interest. The man I bought my house from, I doubt lived here. At the settlement table he was with his wife and they lived on a named state street that started with an 'A'.  Neighbors told me that a woman lived in the place I now call home, with her mentally disabled son. They described her as a drunk and her son was mean. Not company I'd want to keep, I got family for that.

Everyso often, there will be two black men, typically over 30 or 40 years old, walking down the sidewalk who will point to a house on the block and say, they used to live there. What little I could catch of the rest of their conversation was that they lived with their grandmother, or aunt or some other woman in the past. In the present, due to death, break-ups, or other circumstances, they are pedestrians looking from the outside remarking how everything changed.

From long time neighbor's tales, I know our street had a huge drug dealer and drug user problem. At one point some dealers had set up a table and conducted business right there out in the open. I remember when they had chairs and sat out under the tree on the sidewalk. Another neighbor mentioned how burglars would break into a vacant house and from there try to break into the neighboring occupied house. I know at one point during DC's crack years, my house was vacant. Vacant houses then, like now, can be nuisances, harboring vermin, attracting unsavory characters. I wonder if druggies broke in to shoot up or prostitutes wandered in to turn tricks. I wonder but I really don't want to know.


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