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Lazy woman cherry preserve

Cherries- This weekend I took it easy. Decided to try this resting thing. So I bought about $20 worth of cherries from the Bloomingdale Farmers Market and preserved them in vodka. It's too much work to pit them all and boil them down to can. The lazy woman way of preserving cherries is to throw clean unstemed and unblemished cherries in a glass jar (bigger the better), cover the cherries with loads of sugar, throw in a vanilla bean pod, and cover it all completely with vodka. Put a top on the jar, label, and place on a shelf somewhere in the cellar or a closet for about 3 months. After three months you'll have cherry liquor and some boozy cherries. You can leave them for longer. I went 6 months on the last batch. When I actually feel like work, I'll pit the boozy cherries, boil them down in some of the liquor and can them. I like to label them "AA cherries", as in ex-drunken cherries. 

1700 block of 4th St & 3rd St NW-  A neighbor alerted me to the issuance of a permit for 1717 4th St NW, which is currently a vacant lot. There will be a SFH building placed on it. At first I thought it was 1721 4th St which Behzad Hosseinkhani owned. I and another neighbor gave some push back on his project of adding a 3rd story popup. The popup came but it was a better popup than the one first suggested. It appears he has sold or transferred 1721 4th St NW and now it still sits, with nothing on the inside being done. Mr. Hosseinkhani has also let still has a commerical property at 3rd and Florida. This was where we'd hoped the Snitcheye wine bar would be. The Help and I peeked through the windows and it is looking like something is going to happen. I don't remember that awesome tin ceiling being there or it being that clean before. That place on 3rd (actually 234 FL Ave NW) looks like it needs some sort of eatery there. The yard has these fruit trees, it's right on a busy road, it's got these storage garages. Seriously, please, put a restaurant here.

BACA Flower Power- You can buy tickets here 

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