Misc History

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Scott Roberts has up a few papers from the 1930s about an apartment complex on W St. named for some guy. There is disagreement between Nannie H. Burroughs (she's got a street named after her) and Carter G. Woodson (he has a run down building in Shaw with his name on it). I agree with  Burroughs, more stuff should be named after women.

Secondly, I've started putting things on Truxtoncircle.org. For some odd reason the website pretends to disappear for brief periods when I update it. Anyway, a bunch of 1887 maps are up. Not organized nicely. The codes are square number-hyphen-year- other info, ex. 521-1887-H. I was going to put up the other years, but I realized I got those maps from fee based databases. There are public domain maps, I just need to go to those institutions and capture them. I have a month to clean up the data. I start with square 618, and when I clean up the data, the families for 1880-1930 for a square will be in one file.

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