Maybe Mary Ann can walk here

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At the Flower Power reception long time (30 yrs) BACA resident and former ANC Mary Ann mentioned how she'd like more places to walk to. Well the Bloomingdale blog mentions a restaurant is coming to 1st and Seaton. I hope so!

Yes, it is in Bloomingdale. But it is a nice walk from Bates.

It was great chatting with Mary Ann who bought her home back in the 80s when Bates Street had major problems and drug dealers. I asked her about whether the 30 years wait was worth it. Because the surrounding areas (Bloomingdale, NoMa, Shaw west of New Jersey Ave) now have these great amenities that were not there 10, 20, 30 years ago. She is happy with her decision to plant roots in the neighborhood that long and plans to stay.

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