Kelsey Gardens no more, long live Jefferson @ Market Place

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 Rubble rubble

Okay now I'm happy. Some real destruction, not just talk. The Jefferson at Market Place is becoming a wee bit closer to reality in that they have knocked down most of Kelsey Gardens after about six years of nothin'.

A fun question is, is this gentrification? Yes, residents of the then subsidized housing were moved out, but anyone who moves in the the hoped to be Jefferson is several years removed from the residents of Kelsey. Future Jeffersonians haven't pushed anyone out. They aren't even here yet. In the 'conversation' of gentrification new residents tend to get blamed for what others call pushing out old residents. In this case the old residents have probably long since found other places to be, and the new residents have yet to sign leases for apartments that are still just drawings.

Anyway, a reader mentioned you can see the demo of Kelsey from the O Street Market camera at Unfornately, it seems if you have a mac that is not so, or maybe it was just my computer.

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