Complicated history

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A lot of things I meant to blog in some detail about have fallen through the cracks because I'm working on the Truxton Project. I really wanted to get the data for another square out this weekend, but I hit a snag. Hopefully by tonight I can get the data for Square 618 up. And if anyone cares what order I'm going in, I'm starting with the southern/Hanover area. Or if anyone is just dying to know about their block and can't wait, I'll take requests. But really, all will be up by about July 14th, if not sooner.

Also this weekend I've been hearing from someone's whose ancestor lived in the TC back in the 19th century. I did some lunchtime research to help and the decendant told me more about a brewery his ancestor John C. Kozel operated at 43 N St. NW on Square 617. The census project only does residences, however I did spot a Kozel family on another square on the unit block of P St NW in 1880. Nice commute. John C.'s son George operated a beer garden over on 14th St NW. Some time between John C Kozel's death in 1881 and 1906 when a coal dealer expanded the building, it was listed as a brewery in 1882 with a new operator, then in a later year became a bottlery.

Lastly, the Help, who is also a history person, had his interest peaked by the whole Truxtun owning a slave thing. So he's reading a book about slaveowning Quakers. One of his heroes, Daniel Boone, raised Quaker, owned a slave. Also Benjamin Franklin owned slaves, but later became an abolitionist.

CORRECTION- C Kozel, the decendant, sent me an obit. lisiting 43 N Street NW as John C. Kozel's residence. John's son George Kozel lived over on P Street. This begs a question of if anyone else was missed in the 1880 census.

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