Tuesday Misc.

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The House History man has a lovely history about the area currently occupied by the Kennedy Rec Center.

Left for LeDroit has a very informative piece about zoning and the possiblities of Florida Avenue becoming another U Street.

And in the Washington Post they run again with that black oldtimers vs white people regardless of when they showed up (1 year, 10 years, makes no diff they're white) narrative. This time it is about Bloomingdale's Crispus Attucks Park. I don't know any of the parties that well but it comes across to me as organized vs disorganized, and crazy. I'm ticking this one under gentrification 'cause I don't have a 'batsh!t crazy' box.

Oh and lastly, UHOP, the people who brought you the flugy Suzane Reatig buildings, will engaging in their annual festivities. But for some reason May 29th is listed. I swore the traffic tying up 6th St (& M) and parking mess caused occured on a weekend. The 29th is a Tuesday. Or is my calendar wrong?

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UHOP parade will be on Saturday, according to the Shaw listserv. Think it went on the calendar as a recurring event on May 29, but since Memorial Day weekend changes.... I think the parade is always on the Saturday of MD weekend.

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