The songs of gentrification

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In my iTunes library I have 3 songs about gentrification, 2 I like and one that vulgar and annoying. The two I like are about London's gentrification, specifically Notting Hill for Robert Newman's "Gentrification Song." (YouTube) The other fun song is "The Hackney Gentrification Song," by Robin Grey. The chorus for that song goes. "Knock it down build flats knock it down." For a DC context I sing, "Gut it out, build condos, gut it out." Not too many places are knocked down around here. What I see more of, are townhomes, formerly for one single family, divided into 2 or more condos. So gut it out, build condos, gut it out.
The 3rd song, is local, its "Gentrification," (nsfw) by Oddisee. It's not in my rotation due to the more than 5 "N" words thrown around, but that's not why I think the song is annoying. Oddisee mention early in the rap he's in Largo, MD which in PG County. Largo, is not in DC. Like Alexandria is not in DC, nor is Rockville, nor Wheaton. They are in the DC metro area, but not in the District of Columbia. If you have representation in Congress, you do not live in DC. So what I am expressing is my annoyance of the habit of many of a person from PG County to comment on DC like they live here. There is some truthful observation, but his calling DC his city, grates on me.
Sometime in the late 1990s I stopped voting in Florida elections. Mainly because I was no longer living in Florida, and hadn't in years. Years of graduate school and the first real job gave me the excuse of not voting in the place where I lived. In one election, I got materials from, and voted for a candidate who was going on an anti-development, anti-growth platform to keep my hometown and home county small and rural. The candidate didn't win, and later I realized my vote was not fair to the people who still lived there. My image of what I wanted my hometown to be for me on my annual visits, was not in the best interest for the residents who needed development's jobs and opportunities. So, some PG Co's folks image of how they want DC to be on the weekend when they stop by and visit is not in the best interest of those who lay our head in the Nation's Capital every night.

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