Strawberries real and fake

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Alpine Strawberries

A few days ago I wandered into the backyard where my semi-neglected container garden sits, and noticed I had strawberries. Lots of them, from two plants. Yet, these are Alpine Strawberries, very tiny compared to what you'd find in the store. They are yummy on top of some vanilla ice cream. I got about 1 small ramekin full of the little berries.

There was another strawberry plant, from what I gathered is a volunteer seed from the compost. The one berry from that, looked like it would have been regular sized if the slugs hadn't gotten to it.

I was talking with a co-worker about strawberries and he said he had all these tiny strawberries growing in his yard. I asked him if they were Alpine Strawberries or Mock Strawberries. Mock Strawberries grow all over the place here, if you aren't looking close, you might confuse them with an Alpine. The fruits of the Mock Strawberry or Indian Mock Strawberry, are tasteless and some people may experience some adverse effects if eaten. So know your berry.

Unrelated- Congrats to Mr. McDuffie for winning the Ward 5 seat.

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