Shaw and the 1940 Census

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I was hoping 402 P Street NW had the slightest of chances of being in the TC, but alas it is on the other side of New Jersey Avenue. Well at least it is in Shaw. What's so special about 402 P? It is mentioned in a front page Washington Post article as the former boarding house where Bernice Bennett's father's cousin lived in 1940. Bernice Bennett, as reported by Carol Morello, was at the Family History Center in Kensington, MD looking for her family's information in the 1940 census. She located a relative who played a part in bringing Ms. Bennett's parents together.

Bennett of Silver Spring, MD is quoted as saying, "I'm going to go to the house on P Street and take a picture." Yes, please do. And stop by Beau Thai for lunch. This is a kind of heritage tourism I can get behind. One built on family ties and a researched connection. Find your relatives in Shaw, and have lunch at one of our fine dining establishments.

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