Presentation at BACA- TC history

I want to thank the Bates Area Civic Association for letting me make my presentation about the history of the neighborhood. Hopefully it will inspire other presentations to our own and other neighborhoods about the history of DC neighborhoods at neighborhood meetings. A history, something other than presentations on the umpteenth variation on a development or crime.
As I may (or may not have) mentioned at the presentation I hope to put all this and (if the DC Humanities grant is awarded) the 1940 census data for our Truxton Circle neighborhood out there on
There was one question I got that I don't think I could have answered as fully as I could have. I was asked why was I doing all of this. Being married to a fellow archivist, working around people in the history field and having friends whose main job is research, I've never really questioned that why. I love history. It's what I do. I think I rattled off my academic credentials, but I don't think that explained the why. It's a question I'll have to give more thought to and discuss with the Help (he spends a LOT of his free time on his favorite history topic) about this.


Enjoyed your presentation last night - thanks! I traveled all the way from south Bloomingdale to hear it. :)

I wasn't quite clear on how the grant money will affect your project - will you be using it to pay someone to do some of the "grunt" work? You also mentioned volunteers- I would be glad to help some, although I'm sure I will require training. I have managed to find my house and a couple of others in the 1940 census, but it was not easy. And once I found my house, I couldn't read the handwriting- so will have to go to the library to verify the spelling.

You were asked about the jobs the residents held - looks like all of the people in my house worked for the railroad.

Good luck!

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