Monday Misc.

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In a few years this is going to be a whole different neighborhood. Once those cranes at 9th/7th and O/P get done and I can finally pick up a little something from the promised giant Giant in 2013. I ran into ANC Alex Padro this weekend and he mentioned that the Kelsey Garden Apartments will be torn down in 2 weeks. I trust Alex but I'll believe it when I see it, as I've heard it before. If the Giant and the slightly smaller Jefferson at Marketplace are done and leased, that's 1.5 blocks of change right there.

There is a new signed pinned up on the empty lot on the 400 block of R Street.Coming to R St NW

 Bloomingdale people, esp. around Flagler PL, beware of an aggressive panhandling woman on crack. Bloomingdale is also filled with good neighbors who intervened. 

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