KIPP kids

I came home later, reminded why I like to come home at my usual time. I was setting out the trash when I noticed three young boys (8, 10 y.o.?) in green KIPP school tees, horsing around and for some odd reason grabbing all the take out menus stuck in gates on my street. I sort of chalked it up to boys doing stupid stuff, but watched them carefully as they made their way north. Then after one chased another, one kid dropped all the menus all over the sidewalk. And then I yelled at them and demanded that they pick them up. Unfortunately I was a distance away, but loud enough to be heard and obeyed to a point.
One kid picked them up, but I guess when I turned my back to go back into my house they dumped the fliers on the ground. Our street is fairly clean, and to keep it that way I wandered down to the end of the block where I found a bunch of menus littering the corner. I picked them up and put them and threw them in a recycle bin.
I guess the KIPP school makes their students wear the distinctive tees to id the kids as their students. So KIPP I think a lesson in not littering may be in order/


If 8 year olds dropping a pile of takeout menus at the end of the block was enough to annoy me, I think I'd be living in Ashburn, VA at the end of a cul-de-sac.

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