Jobs and the neighborhood

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Over at the Penn Quarter Living blog they noticed about sixty some odd job openings posted on Craigslist for Penn Quarter. A majority of those jobs are in the restaurant service industry. As a patron of many of Jose Andres' spots, the few restaurants that aren't run by Jose Andres, and the odd food truck that parks in the PQ, the food business in this neighborhood is doing fairly well.

There is still a thread on the Eckington neighborhood email list along the lines of the 'we need jobs not development,' mindset. Some folks don't believe that building housing for folks who have the extra income to support neighborhood retail is a good thing. Throwing in "Bloomingdale" to the Craigslist search brings up 5 entries. One only because it mentions the store Bloomingdale, 3 are for Green Paws, and Big Bear is looking for a new chef.

It's interesting to see what comes up when you throw in different neighborhood names in the search feature for jobs on Craigslist. Georgetown needs waiters and dental assistants, Brookland needs teachers and IT people.

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