Friday Misc


O Street Market Blog claims they've stopped digging and they are going to build up. They are say that they are on schedule for having the Giant open back up in 2013.

Anyone know what has happened to one of my favorite vendors Stefano Frigerio of the Copper Pot Food Co? He isn't at the Bloomingdale or Penn Quarter markets. His website is down. The bison meat guys said he might be over at the White House farmers market, but I can't seem to confirm that. I have his phone number, but I figure I'd ask.

And let's see (clearing out the inbox.....)

I see Chuck Brown, the Godfather of Go-Go died this week and notably the Blue Note people at the Howard Theatre did a good job of getting the word out and being the place to celebrate Brown's life, with the WKYS truck and a prayer session. If the Howard were run by the same people who run the Lincoln, I doubt that would have happened.

Got tons of emails from SeeClickFix in relation to the DC311 app I have on my phone and signing up as a user. I do wonder how they decide what's near me. It has been a learning experience. There are things I haven't even thought about reporting that I see on my brisk walk to the metro station, that I could report. Parking violations being one of those. So instead of bitching about it, I could take a picture, get the tag and other ID info and report it. However, I noticed there are contact phone numbers posted with those, and I don't know if that is optional. Rat abatement is another issue, but my general solution to that is to scream and run.

I will admit I tend not to read Richard Urban's emails, but he's doing something interesting, being a personal grocery shopper. However, I have my own personal grocery shopper, the Help.

A neighbor let me know that there will be a Taste of Bloomingdale on the 19th at the Crispus Attucks Park.

Also, News 4 reported the protest this week at the Pepco offices. One of the people quoted in the story, I swear was the woman who officiated at my great-aunt's funeral in SE. Small world. Oh, and Pepco emailed me that my bill has arrived.

And lastly, DC Yoga week is nearing it's end on the 20th. I don't do yoga, but know lots of people who do.


Were should all go to the taste of bloomingdale together. let us know

I asked Robin Shuster about CopperPot/Stefano's absence at the Bloomingdale market; apparently he just had his 4th child and is on sabbatical/extended paternity leave. She seemed to think he would return to the farmer's market in the fall.

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