Bloomingdale Farmer's Market This Sunday- Copy & Paste

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Hopefully you've read this already. In case not:




Hi everyone,

BFM reopens this Sunday the 13th and there is so much news! First we have New Hours. Repeat 3 times: BFM opens at 9 am now and closes at 1 pm. BFM opens at 9 am now and closes at 1 pm.....

2. We have a sweets baker again! Yay! Whisked! visited us last Fall and now they have joined us. I know you have all been yearning for brownies and cookies and Jenna makes superb ones. But she also serves both a sweet AND a savory pie or quiche every single week. In both 6 inch (perfect for two) and 9 inch versions. You are going to be so spoiled.

This week the sweet pie is a "Straight Up Rhubarb": "Maybe you didn't know this, but rhubarb is awesome. Its tart, citrus-like flavor comes into its own when sweetened with a little brown sugar and vanilla - which is exactly what we do in our rhubarb pie. We got our rhubarb from New Morning Farm, a certified organic farm in Pennsylvania. "

The savory is Asparagus-shallot cheese quiche. "This quiche is a doozy - it's full of roasted asparagus, sauteed onions, shallots, and Swiss cheese."

3. We've got a New Vegetable Producer from Purcellville, Va.: Shawna DeWitt of Mountain View -- and they are certified organic. Not only do Shawna, her husband Attila (and their two little kids) grow fabulous vegetables, but Shawna is an amazing creator of traditionally fermented krauts and kimchi and pickles.

4. We've got MUSHROOMS now. Keswick planted a mushroom field last Fall and the little myecelium are very happily producing WINECAPS, a portabella like mushroom. Come early because they will sell out quickly.

5. Keswick is knocking out one amazing cheese after another. I thought last year's pimento spread was pretty good but it has been made even better as Sara's Spicy Pimento. They have added cheddar olive spread, Onion and Dill Quark and Blue Cheese Dressing, Mel is now pairing three personal cheese plates to go with beer or wine. And making an American grating grana washed with cider called Calverly. All the old favorites are there as well: my favorite yogurt, the fiery Dragon's Breath, Cheddar, Lesher, Wallaby, Vermeer, Blue Sued Moo, Tommenator and three dfferent fetas.

6. Mama Reid (co-owner Kathy, mother of Caitlin) is coming to market with a Mother's Day offer she's never made before. Make Mother's Day extra special with a gift from our family farm from Momma Reid herself on Mother's Day, May 13! Momma Reid, aka Kathy Reid, will give a free tomato plant to each Mom who brings a picture of herself and her children - or better yet, comes to market with children of any age in tow!

7. Also NEW is that we have strawberries opening day. LOTS Of strawberries. And 2 different Strawberry treats at Dolcezza.

What else: Asparagus in green and purple, arugula, spinach, Mesclun, Spicy Salad mix, 6 varieties of kales, Chards, 4 varieties of Beets with their greens, sweet salad JHakurei Turnips, Green Garlic, radishes, Bok Choi, Tatsoi, Beet Green Kimchi, Ruby Sauerkraut, Kale/nettle/ radish fermented pickle, tender young broccoli, kohlrabi the alien vegetable, sugar snap peas, cheeses, all cuts of pastured pork, all cuts of veal and goat and bratwurst, ground turkey, eggs, baguettes, croissants, pumpernickel, whole wheat, country breads, sourdoughs, rolls, gelato and sorbet, 30 varieties of tomato starters, 9 kinds of basil, 6 different thymes, stevia, cumin, lavenders, catnip, cat grass 6 kinds of peppersl.... .jams and jellies and fruit butters. Lettuce gardens. Hanging plants and flowering plants, too.

So, BFM reopens at 9 am on Sunday and we have lots of Mother's day ideas. See you there!

Robin and Ted.

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