When the Howard gives you lemons you make to Bistro Bohem

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We're not sure what happened. I had gotten an invitation from the Howard Theatre for the event yesterday and I did RSVP. IT and his colleague Paul had gotten invitations because they are the architects working on a nearby project (Progression Place?). Unlike me they had gotten confirmations for their rsvps. Because of another thing going on that I wanted to attend, I sent the Help to the Howard to check in on my behalf (he was also should have been listed as my guest). For some reason neither, he, nor I, nor IT or Paul or either of their guests were on the list. And according to the Help, the gal with the list tried very hard to find our names.

As I was leaving my other engagement I called the Help who had been texting me in front of the Howard, telling me that B and IT were there too, told me to join them there as they tried to figure out what happened. By the time I got there, I got another text telling me the group had moved on to the nearby Bistro Bohem.

It was our second visit, and everyone else's first, to Bistro Bohem and I must say a most excellent time was had. Excellent. The drinking end of the table (for some reason I was on the teatotaler side) tried various Czech drinks, finally deciding that a clear spice-chai type drink was the one, and not the one that smelled like minty mouthwash. We also shared a bunch of dishes. The cheese plate had a yummy strawberry butter on it that unfortunately looked like ground meat under the low lights. The sauteed cauliflower and the roast duck with the red cabbage were huge hits.

There are no hard feelings towards the Howard. If the snafu didn't occur, we wouldn't have had such a good time.

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