The TC in the 40s


Well the download is faster now so it is easier to get images from the National Archives site and I was able to grab the map. 1940 Census Map1

This map and the rest of the census work I've been collecting for like, forever, is the kind of stuff I am hoping to throw on my new website (that isn't up yet, gotta give my host 24-48 hrs), Yes,, Scott & Matt were kind enough to give the domain name to me and I am very grateful. It won't be as fancy as Scott & Matt's site (as I lack the know how of Matt), but I hope that it will be informative regarding the history of the neighborhood.

Anyway, back to the 1940 census. It's free. And it's still fuzzy. Below is part of the unit block of O Street in ED 1-36.


I haven't heard back from my cousin regarding indexing the 1940 Census for the TC, but I am sure she'll do a portion of it. Also I'd like to ask if any of you would like to volunteer some data entry work in getting this historic data out into the public? In time Ancestry will index the names, but maybe not the addresses and the other data that I think is most interesting, like rent and household income. If you are interested in indexing just a few pages, maybe of your block or just your street, or a whole enumeration district, please contact me, via the comments.



What sort of work would indexing entail? Would I need to type in all the data from each page? How many relevant pages are there total?


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