Sq 519, Butt load of Wardmans

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I'm gonna hop on the bandwagon. The Bloomingdale blog has a post about Urban Turf's post about Wardmans. Bloomingdale was mentioned. Bloomingdale also used a photo of houses on the 1700 block of 4th Street. Which is not in Bloomingdale. Easy mistake since these houses do all tend to look alike. Below is more of the block.

4 Wardmans

The purple house clued me in. When I was looking to buy, I looked at the purple house. At that time it seems the flippers ran out of money and it was HUGE inside. Sadly, there is 0 yardspace. Also the block seemed very unfriendly. Now the block is fine, but 11 years ago, not so much.

Anyway, square 519, which is between FL, 3rd, 4th and R Streets used to be owned by a florist George Glorius and his wife, up until about 1902, when they sold lots to Harry Wardman. Harry Wardman, built a bunch of 2 flat houses. So most of what's on that block are Wardmans. In the past few years property owner Behzad Hosseinkhani, has raised the height of a Wardman on lot 54. For some odd reason the place is still not done.


Popup on 4th


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Hi Mari,

Thanks for the additional history. I live in one of those houses and think the flats are great.


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