People of 1400 blk NJ and 3rd heads up

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1418 3rd st

I don't live close enough to care but those over on the block between O, P, New Jersey, and 3rd, particularly those on the 1400 block of 3rd would like a heads up.

A zoning petition has been brought to the attention of the ANC 5C board. BZA case 18355. For the petition, the owner who lives in Bowie, MD would like to put a two unit residence on a strip of land that is only 14 ft wide.

My thing is, I walked by there and it hardly looks 14 feet wide, and if it is, it is poorly marked and might take up a part of the alley entrance.

1416 3rd St, NW is the apartment building right next to the property in question. On the other side is the alley. The way the gate is located and the way the landscaping is around and near the brick apartment, it appears that the 1418 3rd Street strip is part of 1416. Note the big green bushes.

1418 3rd St Nw

Currently, or as of Tuesday, there is no sign or anything regarding this application. I wonder if the residents of 1416 realize their trash and recycling will have to go somewhere else. Also I wonder if the owner of 1416 realized that this was a separate lot. I wonder this because I could have sworn I saw the 1416 property up for sale in the past 6 or so months.

For the people of 553W, I wonder if your 3rd Street entrance to your rear yards via motor vehicle is in any danger. As I said, it doesn't look 14ft to me and in the drawings, it seems to be cutting it awfully close.

Lastly, 2 dwelling units! The lot, according to, is only 864 feet. My lot, upon which my house sits on, is is bigger than that and I couldn't imaging stuffing two units on it. The drawings show a below grade unit, and an above grade unit that is 8-9 feet above 1416's roof. I don't get the whole stuffing two units into a space that would make a 'cozy' single residence.

See the application on BACA's site. If you have objections contact Bradley Thomas, your ANC.

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