One thing nice to say about UHOP


Yes, I'm not too fond of the UHOP/Reatig creations that litter Shaw, but via the Shaw Neighborhood list, information about the local Fox news story about an eviction shed some light on UHOP (United House of Prayer for All People).

CCCA prez mentioned:

UHOP's Apostle Greene spoke at the ANC2C that some units in the complex where the woman was evicted rent as low as $300/mo. These $300 rents are not supported by any gov't program (funded solely by UHOP); furthermore, senior residents are offered additional subsidies and support-- before they are given eviction notices. He gave no details about this case.

If it is true that UHOP provides low income housing without government money, that seems to say that the church soley supports their low-rent housing. Which is more than what some other churches do. I might not like, if not outright hate a lot of the residential housing UHOP throws up, but at least their properties are active. Which is a good thing. Not like a certain other church at the corner of 9th and P, which just holds properties for the sake of letting them rot. A certain chruch, that for over a decade has kept saying they are going to do something with their half-rotting block, build senior housing blah, blah, blah, and hasn't.

I am reminded of the parable of the talents. In this case UHOP (I'm ignoring the fuglyness of their buildings) is the first and second servants who doubled the value of what they've been given. Shiloh is the 3rd servant who didn't do anything with the wealth given, and in this case is a poor servant.


UHOP not a churh IS A MONEY RAISING INSTITUTION (MRI), they get church tax exemption but they will tell you they are not a church. they like to be called "House of prayer not church. i remember they pushed a body to the rear of the church because the man had left the organization on account of admimistration disagreement Ther're like a graveyard, taking in and nothing going out. An exact replica Jim Jones.

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